Uplift is a Team Building and Training Company that offers services and products that cater to the learning needs of its clients. Uplift offers a range of high quality learning modules for corporate employees and management, students, religious groups, families, and entrepreneurs. 


Growing Knowledge, Increasing Productivity.

UPLIFT helps people and groups reach goals by building their competencies through training and development.



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Customized Team Building Sessions

Uplift offers engaging and empowering Team Building activities that will help improve the Trust, Communication, Productivity, and Leadership of your team.

Options for:

HALF-DAY(8am – 12noon or 1 – 5pm)

Focus on Trust and Communication

WHOLE DAY (9am – 5pm)

Focus on Trust, Communication and Team Productivity

OVERNIGHT(1 and ½ days)

Focus on Trust, Communication, Team Productivity, and Leadership

Talk by KIRBY

Invite Kirby to motivate audiences to live a Fired Up life. 

The Fired Up Life: How to Live with Passion and Purpose

Trainings and Workshops for Companies

Choose from topics that will boost your company’s efficiency and effectivity.

  • Leveling Up Customer Service (4 hours)
  • The Power of Effective Communication (4 hours)
  • Critical Thinking for Problem Solving in the Workplace (4 Hours)
  • Fired Up Motivation Sessions for Sales Teams (4 hours)
  • Leadership Training and Workshops (8 hours)

                  Leadership Awareness: 5 Levels of Leadership

                  Mind of a Leader: Critical Thinking for Problem Solving

   Heart of a Leader: Developing People Management Skills

                  Hands of a Leader: Leveling Up Customer Service 

  • Strengthening Values, Empowering the Workplace: Developing Strong Values System in the Workplace (8 hours)

                The Urgency of Developing Strong Values System in the Workplace

                Values Identification Workshop

                Effects of a Weakened Values System

                Empowering the Workplace through Values

  • Speakers Training and Workshops: How to Deliver High Impact Presentations (8 hours)

               How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

               How to Prepare for Your Presentation

               The Effective Use of Powerpoint/Keynote Tools

               How to Deliver Your Presentation with Power and Confidence

  • Developing the Vision and Mission for your Group/Company (8 hours)

              Elements of a Great Vision and Mission Statement

              Fun and Dynamic Workshop to Discovering Your Vision and Mission

trainings and workshops


Uplift offers customized half-day or whole day Recollection Sessions for students, families, companies, religious groups and Church ministries.

 Whole Day (9am – 5pm)

Discover Your Fire: How to Find Your Passion and Purpose 

Discover Your Passion

Discover Your Purpose


Kirby is the owner and managing director of Uplift Learning, a Training and Development Company. He is a speaker in International Conferences and trainings, and had been invited to 34 countries. He finished his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering in the University of San Carlos; graduated cum laude in his Masters degree in Theology at the San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology; and currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Theology in Ateneo. He is the author of Shepherd’s Voice Publications’ book “The Fired Up Life: Passion Principles to Motivate You for Work and Life” currently distributed in all leading bookstores in the Philippines.  He is also the author of Motivation website thefireduplife.com. Kirby is happily married to Michelle with 4 children: Sev, Kaitlyn, Max, and Sam. 



The Fired Up Life: Passion Principles to Motivate You for Work and Life

This book will equip you to conquer roadblocks that hinder you from achieving success and fullness of life.

By reading this book, and applying what you’ll learn, you’ll discover:

  • Authentic Passion: Gain Clarity of Purpose and Direction
  • Authentic Growth: Have Confidence and Increase Your Personal Value
  • Authentic Success: Be Fulfilled through Service